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At the age of 4, I was diagnosed with a disability called Tourette's Syndrome. School in Special Education was the typical cliche. Name calling, bully’s, exclusions from the group, you name it, it happened. As I grew up in school, I would constantly compare my outsides to your insides. “Maybe if I just looked like you, I would be happy and okay?” “If only I had what you had, I would be happy?” I was in constant concern of what I didn’t have or what I didn’t look like, and who I was. I felt unlovable. 10 years of my childhood was taken away by being so restless, irritable, and discontent with how I felt about myself, and growing up different.

Above all of this, I didn’t think a 16 year old could turn out to be an alcoholic/addict. I lived in a beautiful house and grew up in the city of Orange in Orange County. I went to a private school growing up, received amazing grades, and had always followed what my parents said. We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. You would think I would be okay, actually quite the opposite. There was a grave disfunction underneath everything with my family dynamic, along with my own alcoholism. There was a co-dependent dynamic with my mother, father, and brother. We manipulated and hurt each other everyday. Sometimes, weeks would go by when I wouldn’t even speak a word to my father. When I took my first drink at 15, everything changed from there. My alcoholism skyrocketed and I fell pretty hard within my first 8 months of drinking and using everyday. The destruction of my alcoholism became terrifying to everyone around me.

For 11 years, my head would just not shut up, and for once I had thought I might have found the solution. But in reality, I found a temporary solution to my real, myself. I am unable to accept the reality of anything, and I am unable to calm the irritability within myself, unless I could find something to keep my head at ease. And so once again, you could think to yourself, “how can a 16 year old turn out to be an alcoholic after only drinking for 8 months, she had no physical consequences, no DUI’s, no suspensions, no car crashes, almost nothing?” To be quite honest with you, even I don’t know the exact answer. But once I start drinking, I cannot stop. If you are in the way of me getting what I want, I’ll do anything, especially hurt you. My first day of Breakaway was July 7th, 2014. I was 16 years old, extremely shy and afraid of peers my age. My mother dropped me off for the rest of the day. Instantly, I was greeted by about 15 other kids, my age, in rehab for the same exact reason, and they were exactly what I needed. So loving, and so grateful to be clean and sober. They had never felt better. Most of us are still in contact with each other to this day! My parents and I also had family groups, and we learned the dynamics of our household and how to properly communicate with each other with love and respect. A huge breakthrough of mine was truly feeling deep down inside that I knew for once in my life, I am going to be just okay here. It didn’t really even feel like a rehab, my head did a 180 and all I could think about was “how am I going to get better, because I know that I cannot drink again or else something worse could happen to me if I try.”

I was in Breakaway for 1 year and I graduated the program. Not because I was forced to, but because I wanted to be there. I came in completely unable to even form real sentences due to anxiety, I practically had wet brain, and growing up sober was almost out of question. What they had taught me was how to become a young sober woman who walks with Grace, Dignity, and Independence. I emphasize those words because they had practically put my life back together. Along with helping me mend the relationships with my family. It seems almost too good to be true if you are reading this. It does come with hard work, tears, and deep exploration of where everything started. Drugs and alcohol was what helped me cope from all the pain I felt from ages 4 - 15. At 16, I had to learn how to put the bottle down and go back to the pain in order to heal myself. Today, my family and I are very close. We communicate weekly and check in on each other. We truly love and care for each other and we support one another. Today I currently live on my own and pay my own bills as well. I graduated highschool at 18 and I’ve been working full time since 18. I am 19, going on 20 with over 3 years sober. My sobriety date is July 8th, 2014. My 2nd day of Breakaway was my 1st day sober. I cling onto that date with all my heart and soul. I do not over think the fact that I had never had a legal drink. Nor do I want to drink again. But the gratitude that I have for this place is huge. Not a day goes by when I don’t think back to some of the most amazing times in my early sobriety. The aftermath of Breakaway was sticking with the people who are like me, sober, strong, and who just want to make a difference in other people’s lives. I have an incredible life filled with love, gratitude, and I’m surrounded by people who accept me for who I am. Most importantly, I’m in absolute love with myself. To whomever is reading this, whether you are looking for help, or a concerned parent, just know that you are in good hands. You will be taken care of.
Madison - Alcoholic
One of the hardest and most rewarding things we've ever done as a family was to walk through the doors of BREAKAWAY! I highly recommend this wonderful place of recovery.

We had been struggling for many years prior to Breakaway, spending countless hours and money with doctors, therapists, psychologists, and police who could not help us with our nightmare situation. It wasn't until we walked into our first meeting at Breakaway that we knew we were not alone and in the right place. It was hard and very frightening for us all at first.

I say today loud and from the heart that the Breakaway team saved all three of our lives, my daughters for sure, our family unit as a whole and our marriage. It was hard work, many hours of peeling back layers of resentment and learning how to listen. Listen to this broken child that was acting out to be heard. Once we each started working close with our case workers, along with the amazing kids and parents, we quickly learned that we were all playing a role and needed to change our approach in communicating. Our daughter needed a combination of professional help and tough love and we needed to get real. The Breakaway team helped each of us learn new tools to better our lives.

Every single person working at Breakaway had such compassion yet, they were constant teachers and pulled no punches to get to the truth.

I'm happy to say that we completed the entire process and graduated from the program. Our daughter has tools now that she uses everyday. She has graduated high school and is now in college, all before the age of 18. We could not see the light on our own and it was a blessing that our path led us to this amazing team. We will forever be grateful!!!

With sincere gratitude, I share a peek into our lives and recovery with the help of the Breakaway Family. Save your family, walk through their doors with an open heart and open mind. Do the work and you'll see the love come back into your lives. You are not alone.

The Fields Family Pamela, Doug and Nikki The Fields Family
Pamela, Doug and Nikki
"When we first came to BreakAway I was exhausted, angry, worried sick and completely without hope. We were at our wits end and I was not sure whether my son would end up in jail, missing or the worst possible. We decided that he would need to enter a thirty day inpatient program and I was quite unsure whether he could remain sober once he got out. I felt alone, hopeless and confused. The staff at BreakAway was supportive, confident and caring. They guided me in the right direction which I followed even when I wasn't sure it was the right way. I loved my son but was at the point where it was difficult to be around him. Our family was in complete chaos - unable to even get along for short periods. There was a lot of animosity between all of us. The program has a way of bringing together all of the family which was huge for us. Today I have my son back, it is so wonderful and I can honestly say that BreakAway has saved my son's life! This program works and it comes with my highest recommendation!"
Diane - mother It’s hard for me to express in words exactly how I feel about Breakaway, but Breakaway was the best thing to ever come into my life. I walked into that place completely beaten and broken, ready to give up on myself and die, and I walked out an entirely new person. I truly believe I would not be alive without Breakaway, it was the first safe place I ever had, and their staff were the first people I felt actually believed in me. They pushed me when I felt I could go no longer, loved me when I felt as if no one else did, and believed in me when I didn’t have the ability to do so myself. I owe Breakaway everything.

When I got to Breakaway, I was coming off drugs and was severely depressed. I truly thought I was crazy because of the things that went through my head on a daily basis. The staff there were the first people I ever let into my head, and they made me feel nothing less than “normal”. I told them all of my secrets; they were the first people I ever truly trusted. I would still be living with a lot of things that happened to me if it weren’t for the staff there. To have trust in someone like that was so amazing and freeing. I thought I would take so many things right along with me to my grave, but I was actually able to express past trauma thanks to them. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alone. Breakaway showed me that I was worth living and I was worth love. To get to the point where I could say I was happy, and at least liked myself, I had to do a lot of work. It was not easy work, believe me, but I knew that I always had people right beside me rooting for me. And I wouldn’t have even known how to start to get out of the hole I was in if it wasn’t for Breakaway. When I got even just a little bit of self-confidence, staying off the drugs became easy. I didn’t need them to become a different person. Breakaway required me to go to meetings, get a sponsor, and to work the steps. Those things, outside of Breakaway, saved my life as well.

Not only did Breakaway help with my depression, but they helped my family life as well. My mother and I could not hold a conversation without yelling at each other and getting angry when we first got to Breakaway. The staff there taught us how to actually communicate, something I had no idea how to do. I lacked any kind of social skill and I didn’t know how to respond to my mother or let her know how I feel. The family groups at Breakaway set up a safe, comfortable environment where I actually felt okay with speaking to my mother and expressing things to her I would be too scared to at home. Through various assignments and group discussions, my mother and I were able to get closer than we have ever been. Today, I can say that I comfortably express my feelings and thoughts to her, and trust her to do the same. Breakaway changed absolutely everything for me, and for that I will be forever grateful.
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