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Our journey at BreakAway Health Corp began in the spring of 2002, when we showed up with our fifteen year old son. He had been on honor roll student, but by the middle of his freshman year had begun skipping school and by the last quarter of his sophomore year had added lying, stealing, drinking, smoking cigarettes and marijuana to his resume. He ignored his curfew, came and went as he please and rarely showed up for school. Any attempt on our part to control his behavior was met with arguments, anger, defiance and belligerence or he just simply climbed out his window and took off. We often did not see him for days. When questioned one day about his truancy he said that all he ever thinks about at school is putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. He wound up at College Hospital for a two week evaluation and it was here the we received that referral to BreakAway. When we showed up for our intake meeting we were desperate, afraid, and overwhelmed. Our family was fractured, my husband and I barely spoke, and our two older boys couldn't stand being at home. We started the program believing that BreakAway was going to fix our son.
They didn't.
Instead, they began the process that eventually healed our entire family. With the guidance, support and patience of the BreakAway staff, we learned how to create an environment for our children and ourselves that was respectful and supportive for each of us. We learned how to parent more effectively, how to communicate more honestly, how to fight fairly and how to love one another in ways that actually felt loving. It was not a quick process nor was it an easy one, but the rewards have been incalculable. Today, we have the pleasure of watching our children with their own children as they use the tools they acquired at BreakAway to create a healthy, loving family environment for themselves. We will always be grateful for this program and the people who work so hard to make it a success.
Debbie B. - parent
Just before Shelby and I came to BreakAway last year, in the middle of her disease, I was trying to reach her. Imagine this, she wasn't up for talking to me so I tried to reach her through a poem that I wrote titled "I want my daughter back".
Here is the sequel called "I have my daughter back"...

I have my daughter back

I wasn't quite sure that was going to come to fruition

You see we were in the middle of a deadly addiction

I was losing my daughter with nowhere to turn

We stumbled upon BreakAway where we started to learn

That codependency causes more destruction than good

That your HP can help more than you thought it could

That working through your issues is the beginning of the end

Of a life filled with drugs, it's what we finally transcend

So for all of you, simply stay here and on track

Because thanks to this program, I have my daughter back

Thank you all.
Debbie M - parent
"When we first came to BreakAway I was exhausted, angry, worried sick and completely without hope. We were at our wits end and I was not sure whether my son would end up in jail, missing or the worst possible. We decided that he would need to enter a thirty day inpatient program and I was quite unsure whether he could remain sober once he got out. I felt alone, hopeless and confused. The staff at BreakAway was supportive, confident and caring. They guided me in the right direction which I followed even when I wasn't sure it was the right way. I loved my son but was at the point where it was difficult to be around him. Our family was in complete chaos - unable to even get along for short periods. There was a lot of animosity between all of us. The program has a way of bringing together all of the family which was huge for us. Today I have my son back, it is so wonderful and I can honestly say that BreakAway has saved my son's life! This program works and it comes with my highest recommendation!"
Diane - mother

We were referred to Break Away because our daughter needed more treatment and guidance to create healthy lifelong habits. Break Away helped us by involving the entire family. We learned that addiction is a family disease, and that everyone needs to heal. The result was that everyone in the family learned new ways to communicate while setting healthy boundaries. One thing I liked was their staff was consistently firm and loving. I found the experience to be transforming, not just for me, but for the entire family. I would recommend Break Away to people who may have chaos in their lives due to addiction or a mental health situation. Break Away truly is a life-changer!
Angela Thomas - May 2016

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