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BREAKAWAY'S TRUTH BreakAway, over the past 32 years, has helped thousands of individuals, families and loved ones to learn effective communication, heal wounds, and find their inner truths. Our comprehensive behavioral health services are designed to serve both adolescents and adults who suffer from substance abuse, dependency, sexual trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric and behavioral disorders. BreakAway individualizes each client's treatment plan for their own personal needs and unique lifestyle. As one of the original outpatient treatment centers, BreakAway has developed a positive and supportive community for recovery. PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY BreakAway is a comprehensive outpatient facility that offers its services to adults, adolescents, and their families seeking help with problems resulting from psychological challenges or substance abuse. BreakAway believes that these issues place stress on the family system. The involvement of the entire family or significant others, is crucial to making the treatment process a success. With the participation of all family members, the family system is able to learn to change and grow in a positive direction

BreakAway is unique in its design which combines proven treatment methods, constantly refining its approach with newly updated counseling techniques. By participating in an outpatient treatment program, there is a minimal disruption of the educational environment, the workplace and the family.
TREATMENT APPROACH Our treatment programs are highly structured and are designed to meet the needs of each individual or family situation. An individualized custom treatment plan for adolescents and adults, will include peer, parenting or significant other groups, skill development, family therapy, support groups, individual awareness, education, and relapse prevention. A typical length of
a treatment program depends on the process of each individual and/or the family. Through the entire course of treatment, clients are encouraged to attend 12-step or other support focused meetings. Recovery is an ongoing process. The commitment that BreakAway makes to individuals and families does not end with completion of the treatment program. All clients and or families, upon completing treatment, are welcome to return for aftercare at no additional fees.
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