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THIS IS OUR STORY Richard Plaskett, the owner of BreakAway Health, together with his mother and step-father entered the BreakAway Health program in 1986 for substance abuse. Richard was a straight-A student at school and was looking forward to a promising sports scholarship and possible tryout for the US Olympic soccer squad, but addiction took over and his dreams were squashed. After successfully graduating the BreakAway program, Richard had the desire to pay his new life forward by returning to BreakAway Health 3 nights every week as a peer volunteer, helping other kids and their families get their lives and relationships back on track. This was his calling. Throughout the following few years, Richard continued to volunteer at BreakAway; alongside studying for his clinical psychology degree and working at many other facilities and hospitals in Orange County, gaining experience of mental health all the while. In 1999, Richard bought BreakAway Health – he has been with BreakAway for over 24 years, working his way through every level of its care system. There are few other stories of people in the behavioral health field that have displayed such dedication to help and guide children and their families to have a better quality of life. Richard’s personal ethics and devotion to his work is a testament to the thousands of families BreakAway Health has served over the years and we are proud that our counsellors and staff follow the same principles as Richard by helping our clients and their families bridge the gap of communication, heal wounds and find their own inner truths. BreakAway Health Corporation programs are designed with the whole family in mind. Where addiction is present in a family, it can and will destroy relationships. Our hope and wish is that we can help by giving you the guidance and direction to lovingly heal family wounds and broken relationships.

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