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ai BreakAway's Health Corporation's Adult Partial / IOP Treatment Programs are comprehensive programs that provide a unique blend of treatment modalities that have been proven to be the most effective for recovery both for substance abuse and emotional stabilization. Self empowerment, mood awareness, coping skills, life skills, (e.g. budgeting and meal planning), time management, and anger management are a few of the focal points. The Programs provide maximum therapeutic impact, while requiring minimum time away from work, family, and other positive responsibilities and activities. Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Dual Diagnosis clients each have a customized treatment program, which addresses the symptomology and diagnosis, and ongoing needs to benefit the individual presentation.
  • Psychiatric / Mental Health Evaluation
  • Weekly Medication Management (as needed)
  • Nurse Monitoring / Weekly Vitals
  • Substance Abuse and Recovery Education
  • Significant Others/Family Group
  • Mental Health, Gender, and Peer Groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Daily Life Coach Contact
  • Meditation
  • Inner Self Awareness
  • Life Building Skills
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Individualized Care Plan with Case Manager
  • Individual and/or Conjoint Therapy
  • Introduction to 12-Step Process
  • 12-Step Meetings/Community Integrative Support Daily
  • Assist in Obtaining a Sponsor
  • 24-Hour Access for Crisis Support and Management
AFTERCARE Alumni meetings are designed for graduated families to return weekly for continuous support in recovery. Refinement of coping skills with daily issues is a main focus in alumni groups. Encouragement of weekly 12-Step meetings and personal goal planning are basics in Aftercare. Aftercare is a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.
  • To continue with weekly meetings and a sponsor.
  • Attend alumni meetings at BreakAway for 12 weeks.
    (no charge)
  • Individual counseling will be available upon request.
SOBER OR TRANSITIONAL LIVING BreakAway can or will assist in housing that is designed as alternate living arrangements while going through treatment.

While in housing, our certified staff will monitor a client’s recovery process, through developing a close relationship with a life coach, therapist, and case manager. The relationship between the client and these staff members is built on trust, honesty, open communication and accountability. Our team of life coaches, counselors, and psychiatrists, work together to provide comprehensive support to ensure a positive healing process. Family and social support are addressed to assist in maintaining long-term recovery.

Recovery is an ongoing process. The commitment that BreakAway makes to each individual does not end with completion of the treatment program. All clients and/or families, upon completing treatment, are eligible to return for aftercare at no additional fees.

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