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Dual Diagnosis (Comorbid) occurs when an individual is affected by both chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric illness. A person's ability to function effectively physically, socially, and psychologically can be impaired when either or both illnesses have not been addressed properly. Dual disorders may affect other co-occurring disorders. Each disorder may predispose a relapse in the other disease. Overlap and masking of either illness creates difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, many people have symptoms of mood disorders that may in fact lead to self-medicating with pills, street drugs, and alcohol. Traditionally, programs that treat individuals with substance abuse problems do no treat an individual's mental disorders and programs for mental disorders do not treat their substance abuse. The SAMSHSA has stated that "People with dual disorders have a much better chance of recovery from both disorders when they receive combined, or integrate mental health and substance abuse treatment from the same clinician or treatment team."

BreakAway's Outpatient Program for Dual Diagnosis is an integral approach to treating clients with substance abuse and co-morbid psychiatric disorders. A multidisciplinary treatment team of a psychiatrist, nurse, consulting psychologist, PsyD, forensic counselor, certified alcohol and drug counselors. Psychiatrist and Marriage and Family Therapists address the issues involved with overlap and masking of symptoms created with a client dealing with Dual Diagnosis. BreakAway sees that a client's affliction, be it mental or substance use, is a family issue. It is crucial that the family and/or significant other (when applicable) participate in the treatment process. Along with help of the client and family members, a structured and individualized treatment plan is designed. An individual's treatment program is divided into 3 phases. Each phase is integrately designed to focus on the level at which the client is able to assimilate the concepts of the substance abuse and mental disorder. The criteria of each phase is based on the client's knowledge and understanding of their physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing, coupled with their recovery.

BreakAway's Dual Diagnosis is an individualized program that focuses on the following topics and subjects to assist an individual in recovery and to understand their behavior and mental disorder:
  • Risk factors associated with mental health and addiction
  • Psychosocial stressors
  • Identifying the behaviors of self medicating to deal with mental health issues
  • Patterns of substance abuse related to mental disorders
  • Recognizing and confronting denial
  • Codependency and enabling
  • Development of coping skills
  • Understanding powerlessness
  • Impact of family dynamics
  • Interactions between psychiatric illness and substance abuse
  • Develop or find a higher power to help with addiction
  • Self Image/Self Esteem
  • Empowerment process
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for their disorder and/or substance use
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