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Parents of BreakAway Alumni. – Testimonial

About 2 years ago, our adult daughter was struggling with some mental health issues. After seeking help in numerous Mental Health Rehab facilities in Arizona and California that  weren’t making any progress, we were referred to Breakaway Health in Costa Mesa, CA.  We spoke with the owner and Director, Richard Plaskett on the phone for quite some time before feeling comfortable that they could make an impact with our daughter.  Although our daughter did not suffer from any drug or alcohol addiction, after speaking with Richard, he felt they could help. An important piece in helping with our daughter’s success was assigning her a Life Coach.  Richard brought in Carey Rafferty. Carey quickly saw the same struggles we had been seeing throughout middle school and high school. Carey took a genuine interest in our daughter and saw that her struggles were more than just Mental Health; that a developmental delay of sorts was evident and needed attention.  This is something we had been fighting throughout the school years.  After spending a few months with Richard and Carey and others at Breakaway, they helped locate a facility back in Arizona closer to where we live that could help continue to work with and develop her opportunity areas.  During this time we were fighting to get our daughter assistance in the Long term care system with Arizona to open up additional resources that we knew would be critical for our daughter’s future success. Carey was so helpful in supplementing our experiences with her insights and experiences with our daughter and undoubtedly helped convey the need for long term care assistance. Even after leaving Breakaway months later, Carey has inquired about how our daughter is doing and is so grateful she was able to assist in finally finding the right care for our daughter’s wellbeing and future productivity.  We are extremely grateful for finding such caring people in Breakaway! Thank you!!

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