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Preparing for Treatment at Breakaway Health

We help our clients prepare for treatment with us by giving them a detailed outline of our rules, regulations, and processes for admission to our facilities. Preparation for rehabilitation can feel overwhelming for clients and their families, and our team is here to give you the support and resources necessary to stay informed on all the necessary steps and items for your time at Breakaway Health. 

Once we’ve collected your insurance, our process begins with testing, searching your belongings, and a meeting with your assigned team members, who will guide you through the Breakaway Health process. Whether you’ve undergone treatment or you are new to substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation, we have a simple and safe process to make our programs effective and productive for our clients.

Acceptable & Prohibited Items at Our Facility

We ask that all clients bring the following items for their time at Breakaway Health:

Prohibited items at our treatment center include:

In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our clients, Breakaway Health strictly enforces all acceptable and prohibited items. Each of our guidelines is set in place  to make our facilities a productive and helpful space for clients of all ages and walks of life to meet their goals and successfully manage their mental health and addictions by the end of their time with us.

Phone Assessments

Preparation for treatment begins with a phone assessment with a staff member from Breakaway Health, whether we will verify your benefits and learn more about your individual needs. Specifically, we will ask about your current medications, the number of days you have been sober, and your medical history. This process on the first day of admission gives us a better understanding of your current state and the best course of action for success at our facility.

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Biopsychosocial Assessments

Breakaway Health provides a simple and straightforward assessment process for our adult clients. Included in our admissions process, we start with a phone assessment from day one of admission, as a part of our biopsychosocial assessment. Soon after, our team will get a release of information from each patient, obtain an emergency contact, learn more about previous treatment facilities a patient has gone to, and record a detailed mental health and medication history. Before treatment begins, we need to get a better understanding of each client and their individual needs. Whether you require minor therapies or in-depth treatments, we enforce a strict mental health assessment in order to guide each patient on their individual journey towards rehabilitation and recovery.

Our mental health assessment focuses on the biological aspects of our an individual’s life and includes:

No matter your mental health needs, our assessment helps us to accurately understand your mental state going into treatment for the best results during your time with us at Breakaway Health in Costa Mesa, CA.

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