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Adolescent Treatment Program

Adolescent Treatment Program Services From Breakaway Health

At Breakaway Health, we offer an adolescent treatment program to help those affected by chemical dependency and mental health issues. Family involvement is crucial and mandatory for this program. Focusing on improving coping, communication, and boundary setting amongst family members, we help clients and their loved ones find the therapeutic environment they need for healing and recovery.

For younger clients in need of guidance, life skills, and relief from addictive patterns, our staff is well-equipped to help throughout the recovery process.

Our Adolescent Treatment Program Services

We offer a variety of adolescent treatment program services for our clients  in Costa Mesa, CA. Our younger clients who are between the ages of 12-17 have access to our services Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 Р9:30 p.m. and include:

Take control of your addictions and mental health and learn the skills necessary for success outside of our programs.

Improve Mental Health & Eliminate Chemical Dependency

Mental health issues and chemical dependency stem from addiction and codependency, and our team is here to help you break unhealthy cycles and improve your personal outlook on life and your relationships simultaneously. No matter your individual needs, our staff at Breakaway Health is here to offer the support you and your family require to improve personal awareness and achieve long-term goals relating to mental health and substance abuse. 

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