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Drug & Alcohol Detox Placement

Find the Right Placement for Your Drug & Alcohol Detox Housing

Breakaway Health supports clients in need of alcohol and drug detox services with reliable placement services in Costa Mesa, CA. While our facilities in Orange County do not offer alcohol and drug detox services on-site, our team is here to help you find the best housing at the alcohol and drug detox center of your choice. Whether your loved ones are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, we are here to make the transition into detox as seamless as possible, jumpstarting their recovery process for the best, long-lasting results from reputable detox centers.

Discover the Best Way to Detox from Alcohol & Drugs

While there are a variety of techniques to treat addiction and substance abuse, one of the most effective methods is a 24/7 detox from a center run by substance abuse experts and medical professionals. Getting treatment for your addictions from local experts gives you the support necessary to establish healthy habits, manage withdrawal symptoms, and escape negative influences and relapses. Join Breakaway Health in our efforts to find the best housing for clients in need of detox services in Costa Mesa, CA.

Begin Your Detox from Alcohol & Drugs Today

Beginning alcohol and drug detox can be difficult, and our team is readily available to help you with all of the resources necessary to start your detox and rehabilitation from substance abuse. We specifically work with clients suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, finding the best placements for their individual needs and preferences. No matter the severity of your addictions, we are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to finding a suitable placement in a local detox center in Orange County, CA. 

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Alcohol & Drugs?

The timeline for alcohol and drug detox varies from patient to patient. Alcohol detox typically lasts 1-2 weeks, with initial symptoms appearing hours after the last drink. Opioid withdrawal can span 5-7 days, while benzodiazepines may take weeks due to intense withdrawal. Stimulant crashes might endure for days to weeks. 

Breakaway Health understands that detox and recovery is an extensive process that requires the utmost care and concern from medical and psychiatric professionals, and we help make placement as simple as possible for each of our clients struggling with varying degrees of alcohol and drug addiction.

Substance Abuse Recovery at a Reliable Detox Center

For a successful recovery, we always recommend a reliable detox center that provides the best results for those suffering from substance abuse of any kind. With a variety of high-quality recommendations, we can get you placed in safe and secure facilities that specialize in substance abuse services that meet your personal needs at any stage of recovery. 

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