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Why Breakaway

With over 33 years of experience helping clients with mental health and substance abuse issues, our family-owned business has the expertise necessary to guide you and your loved ones through recovery and rehabilitation. We offer respect and dignity for our clients and foster diversity, communication, and personal development throughout our personalized programs for clients at Breakaway Health in Costa Mesa, CA.  

No matter your goals or walk of life, Breakaway Health has a variety of services and programs geared toward your individual needs. Our company offers unique services for our clients in order to help them find freedom, hope, and independence through long-term recovery.

Our Staff

Breakaway Health offers trained and licensed staff members to help run our facility and mentor clients through group and individual therapy. Many of our team members have personal experience with mental health or substance abuse issues and have the understanding and life experiences necessary to relate to your story, struggles, and search for healing. 

Meet our talented and friendly staff at Breakaway Health and learn more about their qualifications, work experience, and passion for our clients looking to better their lives through recovery and rehabilitation.

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Our Facility

Located near the beaches of Southern California, Breakaway Health offers clients an escape from their everyday lives at our facility in Costa Mesa, CA. Take in the beautiful surrounding community as you work on personal development and improve your mental health and addictions. We provide a safe and scenic facility that affords comfort throughout the treatment process, making recovery as manageable as possible.

Escape triggers, toxic situations, and the stresses of everyday life at our Orange County facility. We keep you relaxed and secluded in order to devote your time, effort, and energy to your recovery and our community at Breakaway Health. With the support of our experts and your peers, you’ll have the opportunity to change the course of your life and set yourself up for success during your time at our beachside facility.

Our Mission

We believe that recovery is an ongoing process, and we are committed to helping clients through rehabilitation both during and after treatment with us at Breakaway Health. From skill development and therapy to education and support groups, we pride ourselves on a variety of resources to meet the diverse needs of our clients looking to recover from substance abuse, trauma, grief, and mental health issues. Our treatment combines traditional, proven techniques as well as modern approaches to recovery for the best results possible for clients of all ages. 

Breakaway Health’s goal is to see the success, recovery, and long-term improvement of our clients. We offer the patience, compassion, and community required for recovery from addictions and mental health concerns, changing the directory of our clients’ lives and eliminating unhealthy habits. Our team works tirelessly to see clients rediscover themselves, manage their symptoms, and heal at our facility.

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