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Outside resources

Breakaway Health offers a variety of beneficial resources for clients in search of recovery and rehabilitation. We go above and beyond to care for our clients, treating them like family. From helping get the food and clothes you need to supplying medical professionals for your individual ailments, our team ensures that all of your needs are met, physically and emotionally, throughout your time in our programs in Costa Mesa, CA, through our outside resources.

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Services

EBT services from Breakaway Health ensure clients have access to a steady supply of food, both during and after their treatment with us. Not only do we assist with EBT, but we also help clients with transportation and funding for groceries upon arrival at our facility, providing a $50 balance to let them choose the food they will need during treatment.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) & General Relief (GR)

Breakaway Health assists clients by getting them access to FMLA and GR, ensuring they have the temporary disability they require. We are well acquainted with the release process and get clients the part-time disability necessary for their individual circumstances.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

We give our clients the chance to participate in both AA and NA to eliminate patterns of addictions and get support from like-minded individuals with similar substance abuse issues. Find relief from drug and alcohol abuse with the help of our team members and therapists on-site at Breakaway Health.

Working Wardrobe

Breakaway Health works directly with Working Wardrobe, giving clients access to the professional skills and clothing they will need to get and maintain a stable source of income during and after their treatment. We empower clients to improve their lives and support them with basic necessities, such as appropriate attire for interviews and jobs to eliminate the chance of relapse.

Low Income Housing Placement

Low income housing is a vital component of our treatment. We help clients find alternative housing while going through our programs at Breakaway Health, with housing options located in Fountain Valley, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and more local cities in Orange County, CA. Choose from co-ed, couples, singles, and pet-friendly housing to accommodate your needs throughout treatment.

Court Visits

One of our most unique services at Breakaway Health is our assistance with court visits. We give clients the advantage of having one of our team members join them for their court appearances in Orange County, appealing on their behalf. Our company also supports clients as an approved probation facility. Our team signs off with probation officers and gives clients the chance to easily handle both their probation and court appearances with the support of their Breakaway Health family.

Job Placement

Along with supplying the appropriate attire for your job search, we also help clients find jobs to support them financially during and after treatment. From mock interviews to resume building, we empower our clients to find success in whatever field they choose. Having stability is essential for rehabilitation and recovery, and our team is here to help you jumpstart your career for success after our program.

Transportation Services

Transportation plays a significant role in the lives of our clients, and we offer transport for trips to the food bank, partnering with Recovery Road in Anaheim, CA. Breakaway Health also assists with rides to and from doctors appointments, making sure clients are staying up-to-date on all of their medical visits throughout their time in treatment.

Urgent Care Clinic Services

Urgent care clinic services assist clients outside of our approved services, bringing in outside medical professionals to treat clients suffering from a variety of health issues, including back pain, diabetes, and more.

Food Banks

We offer transportation and access to food banks for the benefit of our clients. Breakaway Health helps provide easy access to food and essentials, collaborating with Recovery Road in Anaheim, CA.


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