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Night Treatment Program

Our IOP Program at Breakaway Health

Breakaway Health offers professional psychodynamics, mood management, and educational services in our successful night program in Costa Mesa, CA. Focusing on IOP programs, we assist with mental health and substance abuse resources during the evenings, getting you the support and community necessary for your recovery. With individualized care, we create your treatment around your schedule, helping those with jobs or other commitments find the help they need.

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Psychodynamics, Mood Management, and Education Services

In our night program at Breakaway Health, we focus on a variety of important topics and services for our clients. From necessary skills outside of our facilities and programs to therapy and healing, we offer exceptional services for both your mind and body, including the following:


Psychodynamics offers everything from mental health coping and life skills to relapse prevention, supplying personalized support and care for our clients.

Mood Management

We help clients with mood management services that include anger management, case management, and social connection to help clients with their relationships and communication.

Education Services

Breakaway Health offers a variety of educational tools and resources to help clients better understand their own mental health addictions, keeping them informed about prevention and the best courses of action to improve their lives.

Our Night Program Schedule

We offer our night programs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm for a total of ten and a half hours a week. This weekly program allows clients to get the IOP program services they require in the evening, accommodating their busy schedules. Getting the care you need should be convenient and flexible, and Breakaway Health offers a customized night program schedule just for you. 

Breakaway Health works with clients from all walks of life, giving them the chance to better themselves, learn more about the benefits of recovery, and get access to trusted therapists with the knowledge to improve their mental health concerns.

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