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At Breakaway Health, we offer personalized treatment programs and resources to help individuals overcome mental health and addiction challenges.


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Overcome Addiction With the Help of Breakaway Health

Breakaway Health Corporation offers the support and resources necessary to help clients create a safe and long-lasting recovery from substance abuse and mental health. Our facility is located in Costa Mesa, CA, and provides a serene space for clients to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually,  away from the distractions of everyday life. With the help of our clinicians, medical team, and trained staff, we are here to help you transition out of addiction and into a life of freedom. We pride ourselves on exceptional services catering to each person’s individual needs, giving them the tools they need to eliminate destructive behaviors, manage their mental health, and lead positive, productive lives outside of our facility.




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About Us

Located in Southern California, our family-owned business offers a beautiful location for clients to get the support they require to recover from addiction and mental health concerns fully. With over 33 years of experience, we’ve helped clients in all stages of life learn about communication, defeating addictive tendencies, and finding the healing they need for the best quality of life. Breakaway Health has various high-quality treatment plans to assist with your needs and individual recovery journey. 

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What Clients Say About Us

I love the way ya’ll loved me till I could love myself and gave me a safe spot where I could learn and grow.

Catreice Gregory

Although I was on a short track at Breakaway for mental health treatment, they welcomed me with open arms and watched me grow and progress from a storm into a beautiful flower. I can’t thank the staff enough for giving me a chance! I came all the way from Pittsburg to Orange County, CA to better my life and Breakaway helped me with exactly that. Thanks again to all of the staff and treatment community for loving and caring for me, I can’t thank you enough.

With love, Alex, “Coop” Cooper

Breakaway Health Corporation is a good place for people who are interested in getting help in the betterment of themselves. Several clinicians have helped me on my journey, Andy, Carlee, Jeff, Richard, Gracyn and to Carey who is certified in Wellbriety and is helpful in providing for the Native American way of healing.” I want to thank you all for keeping it real!

Breakaway Alumni, D. Williams

Breakaway was an overall great experience. They have staff who care, who are relatable and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the help you need to succeed through battling the ups and downs of addictions and mental health. They have small groups, therapists, life coaches who take the time to know you and reach your goals. The staff and people I met there made it feel family oriented. Breakaway has helped me change my life around and I’m very grateful for my life today.

Breakaway Alumni Paige Spicer

When I arrived at Breakaway for my intake appointment, I was exhausted and defeated, a shell of my former self. The Staff and program gave me the structure, support and tools. I needed to find my way back to the healthy, vibrant and confident person I had once been. I also grew in so many ways and continue to thrive rather than just survive. I am truly grateful for everything I learned and experienced while there.

Breakaway Alumni Andrea Meyer

When I came to BHC I was lost and had no idea who I was as an individual. I had no hope for myself and thought that I would never be ok again. Through amazing staff and loving support from everyone, I am a totally new person with my OWN identity and love for myself. My confidence started showing again and I have hope for the future.

Breakaway Alumni Natasha C.
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Safe and Serene Rehab Facilities in Costa Mesa, CA

Breakaway Health ensures quality care for clients of all ages, promoting a full recovery for each patient in our program. We take the time and effort required to understand your unique goals and obstacles, providing therapy, treatment, and resources to assist you in every area of substance abuse treatment and mental health. With extensive services available in Costa Mesa, CA, our team welcomes clients searching for safe and reliable solutions on their road to recovery.

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Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM
(Open Later Due to Night Program)