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BreakAway’s Annual Chili Cookoff

chili cook off event

We had a blast hosting our First Annual Chili Cook-Off last month! The clients and the staff both brought the heat.

For those that did not have the funds to cook their chili, we provided them with the opportunity to do so. We had ten contenders cooking their hearts out for that first place prize. There were so many crockpots it was hard to find enough outlets to hook them all up to lol! Additionally, there were three outside judges with unbiased opinions to rate each chili based on their quality of taste. Each contender got to name their chili and let me tell you some of those names were so creative such as: Chili Ray Cyrus, Slap Yo Mama, Mean Green Chili and much more.

It is important for sobriety to be fun and to establish friendly relationships amongst staff and clients.

Overall, it was a fun-filled Friday full of happy stomachs and hearts.

Check out this link to view our youtube video.

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